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2nd Call for the 2024 CCU/CoE International Internship Program



The 2024 CCU/CoE International Internship Program is open for application!


This program is open for junior bachelor, master, and doctoral students in the engineering field. The internship period is at least 8 weeks, mainly between May 1 and December 31, 2024.

Individual mentors may have a different definition of intern period. Please refer to each research topic for precise definitions. Intern students conduct research under the guidance of professors at the College of Engineering, applying the knowledge they have acquired in school to practical experiments. Throughout the process, they learn how to communicate and collaborate with their laboratory peers, while also experiencing different cultures.

Attached please find the brochure of the “2024 CCU/CoE International Internship Program.” In this file, you can find the research topics and application information, including eligibility, intern period, scholarship, application materials, and the online application website.

The link to the application website is as follows.



The final application day is March 3, 2024.

Please complete the application procedure before the deadline.


For further questions, please contact coleng_dia@ccu.edu.tw. 

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